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Health, Wealth and Relationship issues are all a matter of Karma

The fact is, the issues in your life are not a coincidence.

Mother-in-law conflicts, divorce, family fights, money troubles, difficult bosses, and even health issues such as diabetes, PCOS, infertility, chronic pain and depression – are an experience one undergoes, and hence, karma.

If you feel that you are getting hurt or troubled more than you deserve or getting rewarded more than the input you gave, this could be due to the karma of your soul, the karma of your ancestors through your DNA, or the karma of your environment.

Science of Consciousness and Karma YogaTM,
a meditational self-healing technique can help.

- Karma Guru Sumant Kaul
World-renowned Mentor, Teacher, Revealer and Founder of Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga TM

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Upcoming Courses

Science of Consciousness and Karma Healing Level 1

Master Your Past1

Delhi, India:

1st batch starting from 1st-3rd June

2nd batch starting from 29th june-1st July


  • How to look at the past as a neutral observer and transform present and future karma in a meditative state using a secret and original technique of the first yogi, Adiyogi Shiva.
  • The dynamics of karma and the law of cause and effect.
  • Karma Yoga and Karmic Source Memory Healing.
  • The different types of karma and how to create positive karma.
  • To see the consequences of your decisions and actions before taking them.
  • Release blocked emotions or karmic patterns.
  • How to identify and heal the source of issues that are buried deep in your unconscious mind.
  • The 11 steps of Karma Yoga and how to incorporate them in your daily life.


  • understand the multiple origins of karma and how to avoid creating negative karma.
  • Heal in group and individual sessions.
  • Tap into your unconscious mind to transform your life instantly with Karma Source Memory healing.
  • Heal Karmic source memories, fears, negative beliefs and defense mechanisms by observing the past as a neutral observer and transforming present and future karma in a meditative state, Samadhi (transcendence), by releasing blocked emotions, programs or karmic patterns, that don't server you.
  • Reprogram your DNA and create mastery over your thoughts and actions. that don't serve you.

Science of Consciousness and Karma Healing Level 2

Create Your Future

Delhi, India:

1st batch starting from 4th-6th June

2nd batch starting from 2nd july-4th July


  • Deeper understanding of the principles of karma and how to resolve your negative karmic bonds.
  • unique manifestation techniques for better, health. wealth and relationships.
  • How to communicate with and heal your inner child .
  • The sacred knowledge Of the stages Of consciousness and how it works in various dimensions.
  • The importance of Karma Yoga virtues and how can they transform your karma and life.
  • Kundalini awakening and the different stages Of attainment.
  • How your DNA carries the information of your ancestors and how it plays out in your life.
  • Secrets of the highest masters and how the Law of Karma is supreme.


  • Deeper healing in daily group and individual sessions.
  • Advanced meditations to resolve ancestral defects and heal the family unconscious.
  • Cain deeper knowledge of your energy body and activate, heal and cleanse it.
  • Recite mantras and download affirmations to let go Of resistance and free yourself from struggle.
  • Explore divine consciousness and the stages of soul.
  • Develop psychic abilities in the presence Of biggest psychic and Karma Guru.
  • Manifest health, wealth and relationships in the highest and best way for you.

Science of Wealth Consciousness

Delhi, India First batch 1st June and 2nd June, 2019

Second batch 29th June and 30th June, 2019

This course is an amalgamation of the mindful knowledge and business acumen of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, developed over 35 years of experience and practice. It is that knowledge which has the power to take anybody from zero to millions and even to becoming a billion-dollar powerhouse. All it really takes is to get started on the road to financial success with knowledge from Karma Guru.


  • Law of Wealth Consciousness comes under Law of Magnetism under which comes Law of Attraction & Law of Gravity. Above all these laws is the Law of Karma
  • Being mindful, following 11 steps of Karma Yoga and mastering minimum 12 Virtues will easily and effortlessly bring wealth in your life


  • Learn the formula for wealth — directly from Karma Guru himself
  • Understanding universal wealth mechanisms
  • How to fulfil desires and manifest the highest & best
  • How to attain financial freedom
  • How the power of your chakras can take you to wealth consciousness
  • Deep Samadhi meditation and technique to create wealth, love & abundance in life.
  • Powerful affirmations in Samadhi state to instantly activate vibrations of prosperity
  • Understanding the unconscious mind programming so as to release limiting beliefs blocking money in your life
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Ancestral Defects (Pitru Dosha) & Planetary Defects (Graha Dosha) Healing

Delhi, India: First batch 3rd June, 2019

Second batch 1st July, 2019

This powerful course by Karma Guru is a breakthrough in health, wealth & relationship patterns that have been passed over generations, without a resolution. In the ancient scriptures, it is mentioned that one should not delay working on ancestral defects. A Pitru Dosh or Ancestral Defect is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors, and is to be paid by the people in the family field who are affected.


  • Ancestral defects can be actually healed only with the help of a karma yogi master who knows the Shiva technique
  • Lord Dattatreya is the great master/deity who is invoked upon to heal ancestral defects
  • Almost 99% of people are affected by ancestral defects and continue suffering without knowing


  • Overcome family difficulties through the ancient techniques of Karma Guru
  • How to identify you are suffering from ancestral defects (pitru dosh)
  • Learn the most powerful Samadhi (transcendence) meditation to release ancestral defects
  • Activate the power of chakras to do deep meditation and prayers for ancestors
  • Learn the actual karma healing technique to permanently release ancestral defects
  • Know what are the practices of Kashmiri trika philosophy directly from Karma Gurus belonging to Kashmiri Shaivic lineage
  • Release karmic oaths taken by ancestors that are causing suffering and sacrifice
  • Learn the vital instruments of Karma Yoga. necessary for healing ancestral defects
  • Special healing meditation and chanting for planetary (Graha) peace.
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Heal Depression and Defeat

Delhi, India: First batch 4th June, 2019

Second batch 2nd July, 2019

Depression is your inner flight mode where one has the feeling that “l want to escape or run away and go inwards to protect myself.” Normally one would do this to protect oneself from a heartbreak in a relationship or to protect oneself from a future rejection, so one does not want to end up in a bad relationship so would stay in a sad & lonely frame of mind. So the actual issue is the conflict in the mind


  • Depression is an inner activated programme of flight mode (running away)
  • Most cases of depression get completely healed when working on ancestral/genetic karmas
  • Your hand lines (palmistry) could indicate if there is a tendency of being in a depressive state


  • What is depression & what causes depression
  • Understand the causes and triggers of depression
  • Relaxation meditation & awakening 8th Chakra
  • Learn about the defense mechanisms & fears that create depression
  • Experience guided meditation to release fears
  • Know about deep rooted karmas such as ancestral/genetic issues as well as nation/country karmas so as to heal depression from source
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Family Consciousness & Karma Yoga Healing

Delhi, India: First batch 5th June, 2019

Second batch 3rd July, 2019

Healing the family unconscious or family field or family galaxy is the ultimate solution to most of our problems pertaining to health, money & relationships. This revolutionary and unique course designed by Karma Guru isa beautiful gift of a lifetime.


  • You unconsciously identify or represent the story of your ancestors
  • When the burdens Of the family karma keep increasing Without getting resolved, more souls within the family start taking the burden to balance the karma.
  • By healing the family soul/unconscious or family field, you automatically resolve issues for other family members also


  • How to tap into the family soul/consciousness
  • Deep Meditation and prayers to release blockages in the genetic lineage
  • understand family dynamics that are creating difficulties in your life
  • Know how to renounce karmic oaths taken out Of family loyalty
  • Know about family rules that are damaging in nature
  • Learn how to acknowledge ancestors or souls in your family Who are not in peace
  • Learn the actual steps involved in healing a family karma.
  • Decode your genogram (family tree)
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Revealed by Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul, the Science of Consciousness and KarmaYoga Healing is an ancient secret more than 60,000-year-old technique of the world's first yogi, Adiyogi Shiva. It involves healing the karmic source memory of emotional traumas that your body has stored away subconsciously in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that act as defence mechanisms. The stored stress of the traumas such as humiliation, rejection, betrayal or abuse, when triggered, has been found to cause diseases, money problems and relationship issues.

About Karma Gurus

A teacher of karma is the only teacher in the world who can teach you to change the original karma you were born with.

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is internationally acclaimed lifestyle mentor & counsellor, world’s top healer, emotional wellness, life resolution and meditation expert. He is the Founder and Chairman of Karma Guru Academy and life-transforming technique Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing. He is sought after by celebrities, billionaires for lifestyle mentoring and emotional therapy and by common people who yearn to lead an extraordinary life. Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is known for his hands on approach that has ability to release heavy traumas, emotional baggage in just one session/workshop. If you’re feeling stuck, struggling with diseases, finances and relationships, then you ought to meet him. The best and the quickest way to interact with him is in Group workshops and Retreats. He is famously called ‘Man behind Indian Telecom’ as his company introduced Incoming Calls Free in India in 1998 which caused the market to stir.

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul is internationally revered healer who is known to have healed millions of diseases, emotional illnesses and disorders. He is the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Karma Guru Academy and life-transforming technique Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing. Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul’s achievements in the field of alternative medicine and wellness are revolutionary groundbreaking and innovative. He has successfully healed patients suffering from diabetes, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, PCOD and many more. Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing does not require an individual to give up prescribed medication or treatment.If you’re feeling stuck, struggling with diseases, finances and relationships, then you ought to meet him. The best and the quickest way to interact with him is in Group workshops and Retreats.

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